What is a crypto digital-advisor?

If you’re unsure how to allocate capital across crypto assets, a crypto digital-advisors will do all the heavy lifting for you.

What is a crypto digital-advisor?

While there’s no shortage of crypto investment advice online, it’s difficult to know where to begin. This can leave potential crypto investors in a state of paralysis. As the crypto market becomes increasingly crowded with new assets and more investors institutional players, you must have access to impartial information to make informed financial decisions. Crypto digital-advisors like ComiBlock are a game-changer especially for newbie investors.

What is a crypto digital advisor?

If you’re unsure how to allocate capital across crypto assets, a crypto digital-advisors will do all the heavy lifting for you. By providing you with investment advice through personalized portfolios, based on your unique situation, risk profile, and investment goals. Whether you’re investing towards a dream retirement or a house rent, a crypto digital-advisors will offer impartial financial advice to achieve your goals.

Typically, a crypto Robo advisor will consider your risk appetite before providing investment advice. It’s no secret that crypto assets are often incredibly volatile. Although, price fluctuations can also create buying opportunities↗. The crypto digital-advisors are able to balance your crypto portfolios with optimal exposure to a mixture of volatile and stable assets.

Why adopt a crypto digital-advisors strategy?

Rather than placing your financial future in the hands of random crypto traders, dispensing condescending investment advice on Twitter, Telegram, and WhatsApp, or you even try playing hide and seek with your hard-earned capital on some random coins.

A crypto digital advisor will help you make data-backed decisions and offer you a structured and actively managed portfolio. Given the fact that crypto is a volatile asset class and provides a wide range of tools like automated portfolio rebalancing and hedging strategies to protect your capital during drawdowns - reassuring that you can invest in crypto with confidence↗.

The crypto space is rife with speculation across assets with risks such as questionable fundamental utility, minimal adoption, opaque security features, scams, and low liquidity, to name a few. So a crypto digital advisor crypto is well-suited for those struggling to navigate the ever-evolving crypto space.

ComiBlock is a crypto-digital advisor. How does it work?

Regardless of where you are in your journey with crypto. ComiBlock invests you like an active manager, with the personalization of an advisor providing you with a sense of clarity needed to win in a volatile crypto market. Making ComiBlock perfect for beginners and more advanced investors. Here are the steps you will need to take to unlock value from ComiBlock:

  • Answer a few initial questions

When you first sign up for a digital-advisor, you often begin the process by filling out a questionnaire about your investment profile. It digs deeper into your timeline, contribution amount, risk tolerance, and other details to create a detailed financial plan to help you meet your goals.

  • Explore your portfolio options

Once you complete the questionnaire, the robo-advisor makes a recommendation of portfolio asset allocations. You may see a variety of options depending on your own risk tolerance. Some portfolios may be more aggressive, while others may be more conservative (and consequently, less risky).

  • Set up automatic contributions

After selecting a portfolio, you can set up automated contributions to your account. This way, you won’t forget about transferring funds into your investment account. (Auto deposits are coming soon on ComiBlock)

  • Watch your portfolio rebalance

From here, we take over. Unlike a crypto platforms, portfolio rebalancing is automated, so your asset allocation always meets your target and to reduce volatility and improve returns, by moving into interest-bearing cash holdings during bear markets, and pivoting back into crypto once the bulls return.

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