The People: Meet Prisca Olatunji

ComiBlock is the world's most human crypto company, built to give everyday people first-class access to crypto and explain everything along the way to help them become better investors. We believe we’re at our best when our employees connect their purpose to their work and our firm’s purpose.

The People: Meet Prisca Olatunji

At 10,000 ft, we believe we’re at our best when our employees connect their purpose to their work. In “The People” series, our employees share their convictions and personal story.

Recently, we’ve been lucky to have Prisca Olatunji join the team as our Visual Designer! We are thrilled about this hiring because, as a female co-founded company: Diversity and inclusion is not just a trend for us, but an action word.

Learn more about Prisca and why she joined ComiBlock!

What convinced you to join ComiBlock, and what has your impression been so far?

What convinced me to join the team was the problem ComiBlock is solving. It's personal and a pain point for me; I am thrilled to see that ComiBlock is finally building 🦾🦾 that Crypto platform I had always wished existed to help me understand crypto.

On impression so far? The team and management are friendly and focused. They have a unique approach to work that inspires self-confidence, and the best part for me is when I hear stories about how being an intern is just doing runs. At ComiBlock, it's pretty major! and very hands-on for everyone, plus a large room for learning.

In a few words, describe your passion for working at ComiBlock?

As a product designer with an entrepreneurial drive, I am thrilled to be part of a team that is solving what I believe to be one of the biggest UX problems in crypto. Also, ComiBlock product UX strategy is 100% focused on usability/interactivity; this is something that aligns with my passion as a product designer. Finally, the fact that everyone's opinions matter here, regardless of their role.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Well, I love watching movies to relieve stress, and sometimes movies give me some creative vibes, also I love reading inspirational books 📚📚.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I love inventing new food recipes; 😛 I document them and make them my recipe, and I have plans to start a YouTube channel one of these days to share those recipes, 🍳 "so get ready to smash the like buttons.”

Where are you based, and what's your favorite thing about living there?

I currently live in the great historical Benin city. And the fact that my family lives here is what I enjoy about this city, 🥰🥰 and I get to see them every time.

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