Solicitation Agreement

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August 2022

Through ComiBlock's client referral program (“ComiBlock Referral Program”), you can invite others to sign up for a ComiBlock account by emailing them, text, or social invitation via the interface on the ComiBlock mobile or web apps (“ComiBlock App”).

Please send invites only to people you know personally and who will be glad to receive them. ComiBlock will send one invite and up to five reminders to each person you invite. The reminders may be different from the original invite and can be cancelled by emailing

The ComiBlock Referral Program is only valid when

  1. a referred person opens and invests their first funded account with the qualifying minimum deposit ($25), provided that the account remains open and funded (“Qualified New Client”)
  2. your referring account remains open and funded.

ComiBlock is not responsible for incorrect entry or other failures of your invitees to meet the requirements of a Qualifying New Client.

For each Qualified New Client, ComiBlock reserves the right to reduce our Advisory Fee by 10 basis points (or our Wrap Program Fee by 10%) for you and 5% for the Qualified New Client for 1) your ComiBlock accounts and 2) the accounts of the Qualified New Client.

You may reduce your Advisory Fee on your accounts by referring Qualifying New Clients until you reach an Advisory Fee of 0% on your accounts (or pay $0 in Wrap Program Fees). You may continue to refer new clients after reaching a 0% Advisory Fee on your accounts, but it will not impact on your fees on your accounts any further, only for those of the referred persons.

Additionally, as a part of the ComiBlock Referral Program, if you invite two Qualified New Clients, you will receive access to all ComiBlock investment strategies and services that otherwise would be reserved for clients with $5,000 or more in deposits.

The ComiBlock Referral Program is available in any jurisdiction, ComiBlock operates, It is not valid with any other offers and is non-transferrable. ComiBlock reserves the right to terminate the ComiBlock Referral Program at any time for any reason, to limit the amount of assets managed free of charge, and to recover any fees if ComiBlock determines that the ComiBlock Referral Program was executed under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances, that inaccurate or incomplete information was provided in opening the account, that any rules or regulations would be violated, or that any terms of this or the Account Management Agreement have been violated.

In connection with referring others to open a ComiBlock account, you agree that:

  • You will follow all instructions you receive from ComiBlock;
  • You will only send invites to friends, family and people you know, and you will invite people only via the interface on the ComiBlock mobile or websites;
  • If you provide information about ComiBlock to your invitee, you will limit that to the information on the ComiBlock App and content;
  • You will not give your invitee investment advice or recommendations regarding their investment needs;
  • Any referral links which are posted on public forums or websites such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc., may be rendered invalid for future use if ComiBlock deems them to be against the spirit of the ComiBlock Referral Program and/or an attempt to game the ComiBlock Referral Program.

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