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Our Mandate! - help you invest your capital in vetted crypto-assets and grow that capital over the long term by following our time-tested investment strategies; actively managed to keep your portfolio on track regardless of the changes in the market.

Very serious security

All your crypto assets are secured on a compliant set of guardrails with institutional-grade custodian licensed to custody digital assets.

Even your data are encrypted with 256-bit encryption with continuous backup.

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From an actively managed crypto portfolio to a dedicated investor relations team, access many cutting-edge features that other platforms do not offer, free of charge.

It's like having a personalized investment team.

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We don't just help you invest smartly; we explain every move with on-the-fly updates plus standby client support, always available six days a week to answer questions.

We answer you real in time.

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Able Imitini

"Love the support. I feel safe and knowing I have an expert investment team I can rely on."

Stephen Babatope
Commander FRSC

"A simple money transfer and my crypto investments are diversified and growing!"

We are not a black box

No matter the turbulence. The story does not stop. Our dynamic strategies, surfs into the world of coins, hold your money, and continue achieving satisfying returns.

Alpha the Beta

Ready to start building your wealth

"because; why not"


It’s an investment tool and the key to ComiBlock’s simplicity.

We invest our clients in a combination of our four strategies: Origin, Emerge, CBTC, and CETH, with Downside protection.

The Diverse Beta

Quick 101 on The Diverse Beta

  • Strategy overview: Consist of 2 actively managed portfolios aimed to identify Crypto assets with established market cap.

  • Portfolio Construction: Market Cap Weighting

  • Positions: Dynamic asset allocation (data-driven conviction-weighted)

  • Philosophy: Extremely picky assets must meet rigorous checklist and proven real-world use case and attractive long-term growth dynamics.

The Strategic 2-Beta

Quick 101 on Strategic 2-Beta

  • Strategy overview: 2 different smart-beta-portfolio of Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the same strategy aimed to outperform direct exposure.

  • Portfolio Construction: Focused on BTC and ETH.

  • Positions: Tactical-allocation(between individual assets and dollars)

  • Philosophy: Focus on compounding USD value over time and accumulate BTC or ETH during downturns, designed to protect you from market crashes.

As you can see!

We are not a get-rich-quick scheme. We help you to build invest in crypto steadily over the long term, and help you achieve specific financial goals along the way.

The world-most human crypto company™

We are a team of world-class experts in investor relations, product development, research, and behavioral finance. Our employees and advisors have years of experience in technology and digital assets investing.

Alpha the Beta

Ready to start building your wealth

"because; why not"


The big ideas behind
our strategies.

Our goal is to help you invest smartly in vetted crypto-assets and still step to prevent you from riding the roller coaster of crypto's volatile price action.

How do we pick crypto assets you invest in?

Our process is like a funnel: fundamental, bottoms-up research conducted in-house.

  • We compile crypto-assets based on market cap weighting, most prominent use cases, monitoring themes and market trends, networking with crypto co-founders, utilizing on-chain analytics, and more.

  • We then conduct in-house rigorous fundamental research at the individual asset level.

  • The best risk-adjusted assets under each strategy enter your portfolio sized based on data-driven conviction-weighting and your risk profile.

  • Unlike other platforms, We then closely monitor key catalysts, on-chain data, news flow to update your positions on an ongoing basis.

Sounds Complicated?

Here's what easy looks like:

Tell us a little about you

How much you want to invest, and why you're investing,

also, your risk tolerance,

Based on the answers, we learn more about your investing profile.

we build a custom portfolio

Even if the market moves, we surf on it. while you sleep.

and report to you.

Explaining the "Why" and "How" with instant and on the fly updates.

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